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.....If you are interested in a DVD of the Dance Arts Performance 2011, please fill out this form. I will call/email you when they are ready (approximately 3-4 weeks after performance). Payment is due at delivery or before. Thank you!
.....The easiest way to order one is by filling out this form: Dance Arts Performance DVD Order Form.
.....If you prefer, you can email orders directly to
.....DVDs will play on a television or computer.
.....Recordings are made on the night of Dress Rehearsals by the Whitemans.

Choice #1 FIXED DVD - $10.00

.....This DVD is one angle only. The view is of the entire stage as close as possible and see the whole picture. Advantage is that you can see all of everything; Disadvantage is that it is difficult to see individuals.

Choice #2 VARIETY DVD - $20.00

.....There will be 4 cameras set at different angles so that there will closer views. These will be mixed in together. This option is more complicated because the sound and actions need to be timed and blended so they are seamless. Advantage is that you can see more individuals; Disavantage is that these will take a little longer to get.

Choice #3 Special Requests

.....Special Requests may be made, however they will be processed after the Variety DVDs are finished. Costs will vary based on the request (estimated $25-$30). These may include more focus on a specific dancer or only certain pieces.

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