My name is Denise Whiteman. The original focus of this WikiSpace was to house my digital portfolio for my last Instructional Media class. I love the projects that we have did in many of the classes. I never would have thought there were so many practical things to learn about using technology in the classroom. I am very pleased!

´╗┐Digital Portfolio

To access things projects I created during my Instructional Media Master's Degree, follow the links below. Because WikiSpaces has changed the way things are done - to make it more difficult to manage, in my opinion - some of these pages contain items which need to be reposted. I really don't care for the "everything is a Widget" deal, but I guess I am not in charge. I hope you do enjoy what you find!




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Differentiation Strategies

Research and Reflections

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Video Introduction

     This video introduction was created during my first Wilkes class "Digital Storytelling". I had been teaching 24 years at the time and 100 pounds heavier at the time. A lot has changed!


Biographical Flyer:

     This flyer was created for "Differentiation Supported by Technology". The purpose of the assignment was to create a one-page flyer that describes your background and how you use technology to support differentiated instruction. The goal is to include as much information as you can.




Cell Phone Digital Story

     My instructor was flexible enough to make an allowance for this one project. In my area, cell phone service is spotty, at best, so I do not own a cell phone. I was able to use a digital camcorder with the understanding that this project CAN be done entirely using a cell phone. The task was to create a digital story with your cell phone based on the following: "I knew I was going to be an educator when..." Incorporate video, photos, voice, or any other application, so long as it is entirely cell phone based.