Digital Communication

A. What is it?

Email, chats, texting, blogging, discussion boards, social networks

(like FaceBook)

B. Inappropriate Uses

1. inappropriate messages
2. cheating

C. Appropriate Uses

1. classroom activities like sharing ideas and writings
2. informing parents/public about activities

D. Guidelines for Safe Online Communication

1. don’t get personal!
a. don’t give out any information about yourself or your friends
b. don’t give out passwords
c. check photos for hints to personal information
d. remember that you really don’t know anything about the person
you’ve never seen
2. think before you send
a. have you said what you intended?
b. are you missing any important words which change your
c. are you being positive and supportive?
b. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple)

E. Activities

1. Brainstorming/discussions
a. What are some different ways people communicate?
(face-to-face/talking, sign language, cell phones, email,
chats/IMs, videoconferencing)
b. What are the advantages to being able to communicate
electronically? (emergencies, relay information to a lot of
people at same time, communicate when convenient)
c. What are the disadvantages of being able to communicate
electronically? (loss of personal interaction, don’t always
have a signal, rudeness [intentional and unintentional],
2. “That’s Not Cool”
a. two-Sided Stories: “Text Monster” - __
b. cyberbullying -
c. cyber harrassment -
d. over-texting/harrassment -
e. over-texting/harrassment - BREAK-IN
3. Computer Security: Password strength, pop-ups and viruses
4. CommonSense Media - Download units
a. “Talking Safely Online (4-5)” - private information and online
b. “Keep it Private (2-3)” - privacy
c. “Powerful Passwords (4-5)
d. “Sending email (K-1)”
e. “My Online Community (2-3)”
f. “Show Respect Online (2-3) - email and etiquette
g. “Power of Words (4-5) - online communication, cyberbullying,
h. “Writing Good Emails (4-5)” - online communication
5. BrainPop, Jr
a. Internet Safety and passwords - grades 3 thru 5 or 6
b. Blogs and MicroBlogs - what is it and safe use
c. Email, netiquette, and passwords - what is it and safe use
6. BrainPop - grades 5 and 6
a. Internet Safety, passwords, etiquette
b. Social networking - what is it and safe use
c. email and IM - what are they and safe use