Digital Health and Wellness

A. What is it?
1. awareness of the physical dangers of using technology
2. computer ergonomics - creating healthy workspaces
B. Inappropriate Use
1. ignoring harmful effects of using technology
2. not modeling good technology use practices
C. Appropriate Use
1. modeling safe technology use in school
2. practicing safe technology use outside of school
D. Safety Guidelines
1. Internet addiction
a. turn the computer off and take a break
b. exercise away from your computer
c. set guidelines for your computer use - and stick to them
d. get involved in community or family activities
2. Health practices
a. maintain proper posture (be aware of your body angles)
b. keep an appropriate distance from the screen
c. take breaks and massage fingers, wrists, neck
d. 20/20/20 = 20 second break every 20 minutes and look 20
feet away during breaks for eyes and hands
e. lights on
E. Activities
1. View “Computer Ergonomics” PowerPoint created by Mrs Whiteman
2. McGruff: “Faux Paw Goes to the Games” - balancing game life with real life - __
3. “Internet Addiction” (article) - __