Digital Law

A. What is it? Legal rights - are you breaking any laws or doing something you
know is wrong?
B. Inappropriate Uses
1. copying work without properly citing
2. copying files (like music and movies) without paying for them and then
distributing them
3. hacking (intentionally getting into things through your computer that you
are not supposed to be in)
C. Appropriate Uses
1. paying for music and movies
2. giving credit where credit is due (who did you get your ideas/information
D. Guidelines
1. don’t pretend to be someone you are not
2. check copyright information
3. if you aren’t sure, ask about “fair use” laws
E. Activities
1. McGruff: “Faux Paw and the Dangerous Download” - cyber-theft - __
2. BrainPop - grades 5 and 6
a. plagiarism -
b. copyright -
c. citing sources -
3. CommonSense Media - download units
a. “Privacy Rules (4-5)” - website security
b. “Whose Is It, Anyway?” - copyright and plagiarism