This page contains the links for the social networking tools I maintain a presence with.


Ning: A Librarian's Ning

     My Ning was created during "Web 2.0: Impacting Learning Environments". It is located at This Ning was also updates and used during "Internet Tools for Teaching". I recently received notification from Ning that all free educator accounts are going to disappear, so you may not have access to this site.



A Librarian's Blog

     This blog has been used for several of my Instructional Media classes."A Librarian's Blog" is through Discovery Education.

A Librarian's WikiDot

     For "Web 2.0: Impacting Learning Environments" we needed to create a blog using WikiDot instead of using our Discovery Education blog. "A Librarian's WikiDot" was used only for that one class.


     Delicious is one of the two social bookmarking sites that I had to create and maintain during my Wilkes classes.


     Diigo is the first social bookmarking tool I was exposed to, and I must say it has been the most beneficial. This is the one I maintain the most frequently.


   I maintain a presence on TeacherTube as it is a safe place to upload video projects. It is the online repository for all my projects. All publicly available videos can be accessed at

Live Broadcast

     "Internet Tools for teaching" took me out of my comfort zone for this assignment. We had to create a live broadcast on a topic related to education in some way. I chose to use a trial version of Elluminate for my broadcast because I felt that its interactive features would be more interesting. I used an alteration of my "Computer Ergonomics" PowerPoint to upload for my broadcast presentation. The invitation and broadcast archive can be accessed and viewed at