Digital Rights and Responsibilities

A. What is it? These are ways you are expected to behave for the good of the
B. Inappropriate Uses
1. cyberbullying
2. not citing sources
C. Appropriate Uses
1. collaborating on projects
2. being aware of your rights and responsibilities
D. CyberSafety Guidelines
1. report cyberbullying and other inappropriate uses
2. follow “RUP” (Responsible Use Policy)
a. Technology Use
1) properly return all equipment and plug in for charging
2) use all equipment as intended
b. Ethical Use
1) Internet is used for:
a) research
b) communication
c) approved collaboration
d) educational learning experiences
2) Games, music, and videos are only done during class if
they are for your assignment
3) Nothing is private - everything is monitored
4) Communication
a) do not email personal messages during class
b) use teacher approved communication tools
c. Respect Technology
1) Forgery
a) give credit where credit is due
b) do not read or change a classmate’s work
2) Privacy
a) only access your own accounts
b) do not share your password
3) Etiquette
a) use manners just like in person (or better)
b) remember: once there, always there
4) Cyberbullying
a) be respectful and encouraging at all times
b) be cautious of your wording
c) be cautious of what is in your pictures
E. Activities
1. McGruff:
a. “Faux Paw Meets the First Lady” - How to handle cyberbullying
b. “Faux Paw and the Dangerous Download” - cyber-theft - __
2. “Get CyberSmart With Phineas and Ferb” - cyberspace rules of the road - __
3. BrainPop, Jr - rights and responsibilities - define - grades 4 - 6
4. BrainPop
a. internet safety -
b. cyberbullying -
c. privacy -
d. computer viruses -
5. CommonSense Media
a. “Stay-Safe Tips” article
b. “You’ve Won a Prize (4-5)” - download unit on SPAM
c. “Privacy Rules (4-5)” - download unit on website security
d. “Rings of Responsibility (4-5)” - digital citizenship and
e. “Power of Words (4-5) - online communication, cyberbullying,
f. “Screen Out the Mean (2-3)” - cyberbullying
g. “Group Think (4-5) - cyberbullying
h. “Rules of the Road” (4-6) - digital responsibility
6. Video introduction to internet and internet safety
7. “Cheating Goes Hi-Tech” (article) -