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Welcome, from Denise!

.....My name is Denise Whiteman and I am the elementary librarian for Otto-Eldred School District, a very rural district along the Pennsylvania- New York border.

Introduction to this ePortfolio

.....This will be the place for my introductory statement for this ePortfolio

Course Goal - Where I Am

.....Because I teach 7 different grade levels, and technology is not available at all levels yet for my schedule, I will set these goals based on my 5th grade Library Skills classes. First, where it looks like I am at...

H.E.A.T. Intensity Framework
H. - Level 4
E. - Level 3 - this is because of district restrictions on collaboration (especially at the elementary level)
A. - Level 4
T. - Level 5

LoTi Digital Age Framework - Level 4a: Integration - Mechanical
.....My 5th grade classes focus on research skills (manual and internet) and are in the process of creating a digital story using PowerPoint, graphic editors, and a wiki. Scheduling restrictions will have this project lasting for at least a month. I have ideas for developing a collaboration project, but am unable at the moment because of site restrictions and equipment limitations.

CIP (Current Instructional Practices) Framework
.....I'm a little confused about how to use this one for goal setting because I do not see anything here I am willing to change. I do not want to be true of levels 0-2 and I want to be most true to levels 6 and 7. If I needed a goal for this specific one, it would be to raise levels 3-5 to "very true of me now", though I'm not sure how to make that happen at the moment.
Intensity Levels 0-2 - "Not True of Me Now" - I agree with this, but I do not believe this is something I want to be true at all because they are not technology-driven
Intensity Levels 3-5 - "Somewhat True of Me Now" - I support student involvement with assessments, I believe there needs to be a balance in the varieties of content and activities offered (traditional and technology-based), and every aspect of my curriculum is differentiated by individual student needs.
Intensity Levels 6-7 - "Very True of Me Now" - I feel I am at a solid 6, but I would like to be at a solid 7, however computer accessibility is a hindrance as the moment. Our new technology lab should help aleviate this problem.

PCU (Personal Computer Use) Framework
.....It is interesting that my ratings on this assessment match exactly to the CIP scale.
Instensity Level 0-2 - "Not True of Me Now" - again, I never want to be at these levels because that would reduce my effectiveness as a teacher in the 21st century.
Intensity Levels 3-5 - "Somewhat True of Me Now" - I will be striving to raise these ratings because they are an important foundation of teaching in the digital age.
Intensity Levels 6-7 - "Very True of Me Now" - This is definitely where I want to be, but I still think there is room for growth here.

Course Goal - Where I Should Be

.....Looking at the data provided by LoTi, I can re-affirm that a good portion of my "lackings" in student technology work comes from lack of access to computers. Our district is in the process of building a new technology lab which should help with computer availability. It is scheduled to open by early April. I have little doubt that I will not have much access to the new tech lab BUT because everyone else will be fighting for it that will leave the regular computer lab connected to the library more open for ME! I do want to increase my H.E.A.T. Index to a solid 5, but this will rely more on my ability to increase my own skills first. I plan to increase my PCU and CIP numbers through my own awareness, but also by incorporating more collaborative work for my students. My district does not openly support online collaboration for students (especially at the elementary level), but I can begin with grade-level collaboration and, with the aid of some willing colleagues, or perhaps high school students, begin collaboration outside of the classroom. If I can keep this moving in a positive forward motion my district may be more open to allow less restrictive collaboration efforts.

Reflections (Click here to go to the Reflections section)

Integration Plan

(My plan for integrating NETS*T will be here)