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Useful Professional links

- These sources are all free.

Diigo - social bookmarking, annotations, site highlighting

HTML Editor - some Widgets don't accept pure HTML coding (example: when I tried to embed my CC License, it insisted there was an error - I converted it from HTML to plain text, then back to HTML and then it accepted the code)

BibMe - MLA and APA bibliographic citations - I used to prefer EasyBib, however EasyBib wants an upgrade to use APA style preferred for professional coursework

xTimeline - simple timeline creation which allows multimedia embeds

Picnik - graphic editing

TeacherTube - upload capability for most media - online repository for direct links or getting embed codes

SlideBoom - the only site I found which uploads PowerPoints with sound, animations, videos, and transitions intact

Digital Citizenship - 9 Themes in building Digital Citizenship with students

CopyrightFriendly - links to tons of education-friendly media resources

Awesome Sites...

CAST (Center for Applied Special Technology) - WOW! Free tools related to literacy skills. The book builder tool has a section which reads a story (here's a link for "A Tortoise and a Hare") - They offer professional development and multimedia learning tools.
....."A Tortoise and a Hare" - just this one book offers an amazing variety of learning tools including: activating background knowledge, self assessment and reflection, collaboration and communication, action and expression, coping skills and strategies, challenge and support, recruiting interest, goal-centered learning, and designing flexible curriculum. Each of these skills has a specific activity within the story to address it (almost every page has a different one!). Every page also has a question to think about and respond to. At the end it discusses the moral in another activity and the story itself offers extension activities for follow-up. The story is read by a young girl, but there is also a text reader built in, a glossary, and word-by-word English/Spanish translations.

Storyline Online - Children's books read by famous actors - great selection - great idea!

Plagiarism Tutorial - Help older students understand what plagiarism is, how to avoid it, and the consequences for doing it

Bullying Prevention ToolKit - included links for Evidence-Based Programs and Practices